Note: These do not include shots that were submitted to Surfline or Surfer Mag for event coverage (which is why most of the finalists will not see many shots of themselves here)

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    How do you win your first Prime event? By attacking waves like this! Sean Woods going ham on a wave most would just hope they could dive under.

    This is a good example of what we pretty much had all day long at the Surfing America Prime at Church Beach on Saturday. Noah Hohenester taking full advantage.

    You know what's the craziest part about all the kooks on the south side of the comp snaking the comp surfers? The north free area was going off - with nobody out there but lil Noah Hoenester taking advantage of his own little surf playground all to his self

    Boys U18 Finalists - #ChurchPrime

    Awards from the Church Prime

    It was a scorcher Saturday, but that didn't stop anyone from LOVING the bbq provided by SoCal native, now living in Salt Lake, Roger Livingston. If you're ever in Salt Lake, make sure to check out his restaurant R and R BBQ.

    Gotta give props to @kadematson Even with aggressive surfing like this, not making it to the finals, he still hung around the rest of the event to cheer on his buddies.

    Girls U18 Finalists

    Girls U16 Finalists