The sun trying hard to make an appearance as the girls head out. Now if that fog would just take a hike

    You rang?

    @cobiegittner winning his heat this morning

    @lukes_gordons takes over the lead with some aggressive slashes. Luke and Cobie trading off the lead every wave

    Lot of these on the beach today - watch where you walk, they're squishy

    @chauncey.robinson gave his warmup session a thumbs up so it must be good out. Chauncey's kind of hard to please (haha jk bro)

    Robbie McCormick on the first wave of the event. Thick hazy fog but the waves look fun

    A little bonus love for @robbie_mccormick for the first stand-up barrel of the event.

    Fog causing a little havoc today.

    A couple of the U18s heading out to warm up. We were hoping for some sun - maybe later