C'mon @koloheandino62 #usasurfteam alumni needs a score. Shown here on his 10 PT ride winning the 2011 USA Championships PC Sean Rowland

USA Surf Team alumni and Surfing America USA Champion Kolohe Andino coming up at Lowers. Let’s hope he can continue his dominance at Lowers from his days at the Surfing America USA Championships!

Kolohe Andino wins USA Championships

Kolohe Andino wins…

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Check out USA Surf Team alumni Conner and Parker Coffin’s new movie “Wild Fire” premiering at the amazing Stance Socks HQ in San Clemente on September 19!

Good luck to many year #usasurfteam members @courtneyconlogue and @lakeypeterson at #asp #lowers The girls surfed their 1st mam-on-man heats in Surfing America Prime may 2009. PC @gromshotz @joeyburan @vonsolsurfboards

Check out USA Surf Team alumni ordering pizza from the barrel at Teahupoo for VISA

Can pro-surfer Kolohe Andino surf this wave while he checks out, or will he…

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Check out USA Surf Team members Nick and Jake Marshall in Indo!

An incredible look into the future of surfing –
Hurley team riders Jake Marshall, Nick Marshall, Noah Beschen, and Barron Mamiya are the future…

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Saddened to hear the news of the closing of the Revel Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City NJ. The Revel hosted our Surfing America Prime AC in 2012. Best rooms ever for a surf contest. Phenomenal in every way, but the economics did not work out. Sorry to the 5000 AC locals who are now out of a job with closing of the Revel and Showboat. Surfing America Prime is returning to AC October 18 & 19. #doac PC Jack McDaniel.

#SYC $3000 1st Prize! Space still available. Sept 3 & 4. Email to enter.

Great video on the Mel Family with lots of footage from the USA Championships. Great piece on surfing generations. Nothing better than passing on your love of surfing to your kids! Stoked to have the Mel’s are part of Surfing America!

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Win an @islandsburgers $50 gift card to the first person to name the most Surfing America Prime finalists in this 2011 video from Upper Trestles #finefoodanddrinks @officialgotmilk #gotmilksurfs #fuelbetterfuture