Girls U18 1. Caroline Marks 2. Kirra Pinkerton 3. Samantha Sibley 4. Autumn Hays (note: Thanks to SunBum's Dusty Boshart for this photo - I proved to be too much "idiot" for my "idiot proof" point and shoot. So, I appreciate the backup.)

Just like yesterday at this time, it's inky breaking inside. So you have to sell it

@sunbum 's Dusty makes a darn good thermos of coffee

Dolphin's all "this is my wave Grom!" #dolphin #dolphinsurf

Boys U18 1. Micky Clarke 2. Jordan Collins 3. Jake Marshall 4. Eithan Osborne

@cole_houshmand had that perfect combination of power and flash.

That looked kinda fun @maxbeach82

@instagrom grabbing the best wave of this heat so far

We #gotmilk at the Surfing America Prime #delmarbeachcamppendleton @officialgotmilk @trumoo

Happy Mother's Day to all the SA Prime moms on the beach today. Thanks @miasgilkerson and @torygilkerson for this beautiful bouquet. ❤️ @andreaswayne