Caroline Marks with the Triple Crown. 3 wins, nothing less than a win in every heat. Congrats! @caroline_markss

Getting ready

Winner U16 Boys and would be an auto add to the USA Surf Team if not for the fact he was already chosen ;) congrats @steviepittman_

Winner U18 Girls @brisahennessy

And that's a wrap - more photos, awards shots, video and more on the Surfing America Facebook page in a while.

Your 2014/2015 Surfing America USA Surf Team. Congratulations!

Great article on the Surfing America USA Championships in the #ocregister by @ocbeaches and Fred Swegles. Great photo by Fred of @caroline_markss

#hbd #coachsimmo Hope you caught some waves and fish and have a great evening. Surfing America and the #usasurfteam are privileged to have you!

Seasons done! Enjoy the day with friends and family. #saprime starts August 9 & 10 at DMJs. Watch your email for invites! Happy Independence Day!