Registration for USA Surfing Championships is Open Now

USA Surfing Championships at Oceanside Harbor North Jetty, Oceanside CA

June 9 & 10 – All Longboard and All Adult Shortboard – You must have surfed, HSA State Championships, NSSA Regional Championships, ESA  Regional Championships, WSA West Coast Championships or ASF East Coast Championships. Enter only the divisions for which you are qualified

June 11 – All SUP Surf Divisions -…

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Another sick #usasurfingchamps t-shirt design by @rickoray Coming in hot June 9-12 at Oceanside Harbor and June 20-23 at #lowertrestles

#tbt Surfing America executive director @huge_manatee #Trac-Top test pilot. Sacrificing his knees to find out how much was too much traction. Fun fact @sayheyjk made the prototype arch bar in Greg Cruse's garage and he, Greg and East Coast legend Scott McCranels @mcbraces tested them at River Jetties. Jeff got a patent on it.

Happy Mother's Day mom. We got you a couple of rad trophies. ❤️😘- Kade and Dane Matson @kadematson @m_matson @danematson

Alyssa kicking off the girls finals

Dane kicking off Boys U14

Cole kicking off the Boys U16 finals

Dimitri dominating this semi

The full Matson family with Kade and Dane giving mom a great Mother's Day present by both making the finals.

The big kid with a pre semi Shaka

Noah Hill just playing at the local skatepark - and combo-Ing the field