2014 USA Championships Finals

    Sunday’s Surfing America Prime Atlantic City Draws

    Here are the draws for day two of the Surfing America Prime Atlantic City.  Conditions were epic today.  All semi final and finals will be tomorrow from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Click HERE to download.

    Congratulations to former #usasurfteam member @glennings_ for his win at the Soup Bowl Junior Pro Barbados! Also congrats to other Surfing America USA team members past and present and Surfing America Prime surfers who made the final - 2nd @parkercoffin 3rd @nolanrapoza 4th @noahschweizer Women's 3rd @tiablanco and 4th @maliaosterkamp Stoked for all of you!

    Down to the Quarterfinals of the 2014 Soup Bowl Pro Junior in Barbados. 14 of 16 are from USA. All of them present or former Surfing America Prime surfers. 8 of 14 present or former USA Jr. Surf Team members. All are 16 – 19 years old in a series that includes 20 year olds….

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    #fbf and #hbd to #usasurfteam ripper @kei_kobayashi who is 16 today! Shown here at 10 years old on a Surfing America Prime DMJs bomb in September 2009. PC @gromshotz

    Happy 16th Birthday to many year #usasurfteam member @jakemarshall1 (center) shown here in 2009 at 10 years old with @taylorclark_ @parkercoffin @camrichards @kanoaigarashi @joeyburan @colin_moran Jake Halstead and @andrewjacobson #iftheyjuststayedlittletiltheirwetsuitsworeout

    Team USA is going for Gold!

    First Ever ISA World Championship To Be Held In Mexico The International Surfing Association (ISA) is proud to announce…

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    Surfing America videographer extraordinaire, Justin Jung’s, reel from the last two years traveling the globe, much of it with the USA Junior Surf Team, on TheInertia –

    Two Years Spent Traveling the Planet Left Me With This

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    Check out USA Surf Team member Tia Blanco in her EpicTV series shot and edited by Surfing America videographer Justin Jung.

    Why Shaping Your Own Longboard Is The Coolest Thing Ever | Paddling Out with Tia Blanco, Ep. 3
    Performance isn’t everything, kids,…

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    USA Surf Team member Stevie Pittman with a hot new edit!

    Stevie Pittman // Growing Pains // 2:35 – SURFING Magazine
    Stevie Pittman’s new Growing Pains edit from 2014.

    We have the technology! Check out the crazy scientific analysis RedBull did with USA Surf Team member Jake Marshall and Hawaiian Surf Team member Seth Moniz.

    This Is What Happens When Scientists Go Surfing

    Scientists and surfers head to Mexico to…

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    #tbt 1974 Surfing America executive director @huge_manatee burnt out after a long Baja trip! #vans ✔️ #kanvasbykatin ✔️ #longblondehair ✔️ #walnutpaneling ✔️ #housesoftheholy album liner notes ✔️ #tapestry bedspread ✔️ #decoupage #burntwood surf photos ✔️ Checking all the boxes of a 70's hardcore surfer!