USA Surfing Championships Lower Trestles 2015 Final Day

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Congratulations to #usasurfteam alumni @koloheandino22 on your win at the 10000 Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais Portugal!

And the contest day comes to an end

Kade Matson wins U14 with a buzzer beater over Taj Lindblad and with an awesome show of good sportsmanship Taj runs over to give Kade congrats.

It's trophy time. #saprime #saprimechurch @andreaswayne

Dimitri murdering this one.

Matson dropping a 9 with combinations of power and style like this

Alyssa dropping at 8 point Oh to start her semi

Trophies by @andreaswayne are in the works.

San O nuke plant in the background as Cole Houshmand heads out for his semi

Tex with a sick layback