USA Surfing Championships Lower Trestles 2015 Final Day

Heat Draws and Schedule for Surfing America Prime DMJs

Here are the heat draws and schedule for the season opener of the 8th season of Surfing America Prime at DMJ Camp Pendleton.  Click HERE to download or copy and paste this into your browser:

Boys U16 Winner @cole_houshmand

Boys U14 winner @levi.slawson getting the high-five from coach Krammer

Girls U16 winner @alyssa_spencer1

#trustthebum @trustthebum at the Surfing America Prime season opener at Camp Pendleton, DMJs. #surfingamerica #saprime #seasonopener #surfingamericaprime

@b_rosez waxing up for the Girls U16 semis

Trophies are painted and ready to go. One more semi then it's on to the finals.

David vs. Goliath in the Boys U14 coming up. No good guy / bad guy in this one though. Both awesome groms @kadematson @levi.slawson

In the Prime, the Dolphins do clinics in how to air

Levi with the jetty ride into the finals

Made with a gnarly reverse to solidify his win and moving on